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Safety line composed of solar road studs

Date: 2022-09-22
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The safety line composed of solar road studs is mainly fixed on the surface of the road. It is exposed to the sun, rain, wind, snow and freezing, and is subject to the impact and abrasion of vehicles. Therefore, there are strict requirements on the performance of road studs. Firstly, reflective studs are required to be easy to install and operate; secondly, cats eyes roads are required to have strong reflective ability, bright colors, strong reflectivity, and good visibility at night; thirdly, they have anti-skid and abrasion resistance to ensure driving safety and service life. The solar road studs produced by Ruichen Traffic have excellent compression resistance and high abrasion resistance. The solar road studs have a long life and have a better reflective effect on rainy nights.

Applicable scene

  1. Road studs on city roads, factory road road studs, parking lot road studs, underground garage road studs, campus road road studs, living quarter road studs and other construction projects.
  2. Expressway: road studs at non-slip ramps, tunnel entrance road studs, emergency lane road studs, high-speed service area entrance and exit road studs, ETC toll lane road studs, ramp road studs, channel line road studs, diversion zone road studs , Guiding arrow road studs.
  3. Urban road solar road studs: urban road bus dedicated lane solar road studs (including BRT), tidal lane solar road studs, urban garden landscape solar road studs, non-motorized vehicle lane solar road studs, pedestrian crossing solar road studs, urban Greenway solar road studs, intersection solar road studs, interchange turntable solar road studs, city square solar road studs, commercial street solar road studs.

Instructions for use:

(1) Firstly, use a ruler to determine the installation position of solar road studs, install one at 2m, ensure that each position is longitudinally in a straight line, and at the same time align horizontally and horizontally. The installation distance of solar road studs shall be subject to the design requirements.

(2) Reflective studs installation glue ratio is: A glue and B glue 1:0.7, and then add 15%-30% cement as filler. The glue is not easy to mix too much at a time, enough for one person to glue 50-70 road studs. The colloid should be stirred evenly and the color should be consistent. Each reflective studs needs about 40-50 grams of glue for bonding.

(3) The road surface where the Reflective studs are installed should be cleaned. Use about 40-50 grams of glue and apply it on the back of the Reflective studs. Place it on the designated position, press firmly and turn it left and right to make the Reflective studs adhere to the road surface. close.

(4) After the motorway studs are installed, scrape the spilled glue around the motorway studs, and clean the road surface.

(5) Check the installation situation for 2 hours after installation to check whether there is any omission or installation skewed phenomenon.

In comparison, Ruichen Traffic is the most professional in installing solar road studs and producing road studs.

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