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The construction issues of smart road studs deserve attention.

Date: 2022-09-22
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With the widespread application of smart road studs in domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads, the quality and service life of smart road studs have received more attention. In the actual application process, the problems of damage to the smart road studs and reduced service life often occur due to installation problems. Common problems in the construction and installation of smart road studs include:

①Install on the marking line

The marking line is also a kind of resin material, which is attached to the ground, and its connection with the ground has a certain limit. If the smart road stud is installed on the marking line, then the impact force of the smart road stud is completely transferred to the marking line, so that the smart road stud is easily impacted off, and the marking line will also be glued.

②The installation position of smart road studs is uneven

The direct consequence of this is that the force of the spike is uneven. The pressure on the spike is almost concentrated on the convex and concave parts. When encountering a large tonnage vehicle, the spike is easy to break.

③The location of the spikes is not clean

The firmness of a smart road stud depends on the close combination of the road stud itself, glue and the ground. If the installation location is not clean, dust will absorb most of the adhesive force of the glue, causing the road studs to be weakly bonded, and they will easily fall off when they are impacted by external forces.

④The amount of glue is insufficient or excessive

Insufficient amount of glue will reduce the firmness of the smart road studs and reduce their service life; on the contrary, if the amount of glue is too much, the excess glue will leak out from around the road studs and will easily rub on the reflective sheet of the road studs, affecting their reflective brightness. .

⑤Uneven application of glue

When installing smart road studs, the amount of glue should not only be appropriate, but also be applied evenly, so as to ensure that all parts of the road stud are evenly stressed and avoid being crushed due to uneven force.

⑥ The ambient temperature is not enough when epoxy resin glue is deployed

Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue. The glue and curing agent must be equipped in a certain proportion, and the effect can only be achieved after uniform mixing. Since epoxy resin glue condenses more severely in low temperature weather in winter, it is not easy to stir evenly, so it must be heated before use to let the glue soften before use.

⑦The method of grasping the wisdom road stud is unscientific

Wisdom road studs must hold the two sides without reflectors to avoid glue sticking to the reflectors and affect the brightness of the reflectors.

⑧The installation holes of smart road studs are shallow and fine

This is mainly for cast aluminum spikes with feet, part of which goes deep into the ground and has better impact resistance, compression resistance, and longer service life. During the installation process, if the hole position is too shallow or too thin, the bottom surface of the smart road stud will not be in full contact with the ground, which will affect the firmness of the bonding.

⑨The glue curing time is not enough after installation

After the smart road stud is installed, it takes a period of time for the glue to solidify before the road stud can be tightly connected to the ground. The recommended period of time is 4 hours. In the actual process, the installation and isolation facilities are removed less than two hours after installation. If they are impacted and crushed by vehicles, the light spikes will be deformed, and the heavy spikes will fall off.

Through the above construction and installation problems, it is necessary to emphasize the important smart road stud installation methods. They are:

① Place and install safety isolation facilities. During the entire dynamic construction process, whether it is a new road or an open road, everyone should be in the safety facility. For example, the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be as follows: 1:1; the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:3 for the construction of unopened road sections.

② Make sure that the installation location is level. For roads with expansion, cracks and unevenness, the roads should be smoothed and smoothed in advance.

③ Clean the installation location with a brush to ensure that the installation location is dry.

④Take an appropriate amount of glue and apply it evenly on the smart road stud.

⑤Tightly press the spikes on the installation position to ensure that the direction is correct. If there is too much glue, be sure to clean it up.

⑥For cast aluminum spikes with feet, make sure that the depth of the hole is greater than the depth of the nail foot by 1cm, and the diameter of the hole is greater than the diameter of the nail foot by 2mm.

⑦After the installation of the smart road studs, make a tour every two hours to make sure that all road studs are not reversed, crooked, or crooked.

⑧After the smart road studs are cured for 4 hours, remove and install the isolation facilities.

In summary, through the in-depth introduction of Ruichen Traffic Smart Road Studs in terms of concept definition, specification structure, technical characteristics, working principles, performance indicators, application modes, construction issues, installation methods, etc., we have reason to believe that: in the future urban traffic In the digital transformation of the new infrastructure, Ruichen Traffic Smart Road Studs will definitely play its due role and have broad market application prospects.

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