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Are the airport solar road studs useful?

Date: 2022-09-22
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When encountering an airplane taking off or landing at night, passengers should notice the solar road stud signal lights of various colors on the apron. In fact, this is only part of the airport ground lighting equipment. These lighting devices are used to transmit light information to pilots at night or in fog for taking off, judging the position in the air, entering the airport and landing to ensure flight safety.

  1. The solar road stud close lighting system is an extension of the flight runway. The pilot can drive the aircraft along the approach road to gradually approach the ground until it enters the runway. The length of the approach road is sometimes up to 1000 meters, the width is equivalent to the runway, and it is entirely composed of road stud lights.
  2. Visual approach glideslope indicator This device is usually located on the side of the airport runway. When approaching the runway, the reflective studs equipment can guide the pilot to recognize visually and control the plane to land. The visibility of these lights is up to 8 kilometers (5 miles) at night and 32 kilometers (20 miles) or more at night.

  1. The precision channel solar road stud indicator is generally 300 meters away from the runway, which can help pilots check and correct the aircraft’s approach angle and maintain a normal glide path. The system consists of multiple lamps that emit red and white light beams in the vertical direction. When the gliding angle of the aircraft is appropriate, the pilot sees white close-range lights and red long-distance lamps; when the gliding angle is too large, they see white lights; when the gliding angle is too small, they see red lights .

  1. The solar road stud lights on the side of the runway are divided into high-intensity road stud runway lights (side lights), medium-intensity road stud runway lights (side lights) and low-intensity road stud runway lights (side lights). The grounding belt road stud lights extend 750 meters on the runway from the end of the runway. The white lights are embedded in the ground to remind the pilots that this is the key area for landing and the aircraft should touch down in this area. The road stud lights on the centerline of the runway are white lights along the centerline of the runway. White runway boundary lights are installed on both sides of the runway, and they inform the pilots of the width of the runway.
  2. The runway end sign road stud light is a light device with strong brightness and high flicker frequency installed on the ground at both ends of the runway. It is installed at the end of the runway on a straight line perpendicular to the centerline of the runway and is green. The corresponding runway end lights are red lights.

Under normal circumstances, the aircraft will turn to the taxiway connected to the flight runway after it has stopped, until it reaches the drop-off point.

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