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RUICHEN Blue Road Stud Reflectors On Urban Road

Date: 2021-05-27
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As a member of the public passed the intersection of China Road and Civilization Road in Anyang City, he noticed a row of flashing solar stud lights next to the zebra crossing. They are curious. What does a square blue light do?

With questions, they contacted Xue, manager of Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd., which installed the equipment. “The device is called an aluminum Road Stud Reflectors, and the sRoad Stud Reflectors act as an indication of the road at night or in rain and fog, and alert vehicles to slow, safe driving,” he said. ”


Road Stud Reflectors price
Road Stud Reflectors price


“In the past, Road Stud Reflectors could be seen in aircraft lanes and highways, ” Says Mr. Xue. Due to its small size and obvious early warning effect, aluminum Road Stud Reflectors are widely used in various road traffics. In urban road traffic, aluminum Road Stud Reflectors have appeared on many urban roads, on the one hand, can improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, on the other hand, can beautify our urban roads and add some color environment to beautiful cities. ”


Road Stud Reflectors function: Indicates the road, alerts people and vehicles to slow down
Features of aluminum Road Stud Reflectors: solar charging, automatic switching, high temperature, and pressure resistance.


Road Stud Reflectors for road
Road Stud Reflectors for road


“In dim lighting conditions, aluminum Road Stud Reflectors automatically turn on the flicker function, and the effects of haze weather become more pronounced. Road Stud Reflectors is a new product, it integrates high-efficiency solar energy and other advanced technology power supply and aluminum Road Stud Reflectors to a certain extent to optimize the function of Road Stud Reflectors, although small, but under operating conditions can withstand 30 tons of anti-roll weight. The service life is generally about three years.

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