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LED Solar Flashing Stop Signs

Size: 24″/30″/36″
Reflective Film: 3m engineering-grade film
Working Mode: 7/24hrs Blinking
Visual Distance: >800m
Water Proof: IP65

Product Introduction

LED Solar Flashing Stop Signs Features

•Standard 3M reflective engineering grade material
•High conversion rate solar panel 15V/10W.

•Working in rainy days: >7 days.

•LEDs extend the visibility of the led flashing stop sign under all weather conditions.

•Super brightness led beads, a visual distance of solar led stop sign is more than 800m.

•Film:3M engineering grade reflective film.

•Material:Polished Aluminum, Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, good sealing.


Flashing stop sign
Flashing stop sign


LED Solar Flashing Stop Signs Parameters
Body material: Aluminium& Galvanized sheet
Reflective film: 3m diamond film or engineering grade
Power supply: Solar panel(monocrystalline 15V/10W)
Battery: 11.1V/10AH Lithium Battery
LED Ultrabright: 8pcs
LED color: Red
Light control: 24/7 flashing; Customized
Visual distance: >800m
Size: 24’/30’/36′ or customized
Working hours: Fully charge at 8 hours and can work 360 hours
Waterproof: IP65
Life span: 3-5years


led Flashing stop sign for road safety
led Flashing stop sign for road safety


This is a LED Solar Traffic Safety Warning sign built under MUTCD requirements. Dedicated for business, Residential buildings, Schools, and the government are built. The LED Solar Flashing Stop Signs uses flashing (flashing) LED lights to increase road or mall driver vision. Since the sign is completely solar-powered, So easy to install and easy to use. Over 2, 500 feet away, RUICHEN LED Solar Flashing Stop Signs are visible, It will serve as a warning signal, Remind the driver to notice the pedestrians who may cross the road. One charge, The product is sustainable for 5 to 7 days. LED technology effectively reduces overall energy consumption and operating costs. Each solar LED stio sign can be set to run 24 hours a day or 12 hours per day.

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